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We provide entrepreneur managed businesses the best of both worlds - clarity and personal engagement of a locally owned agency in combination with the resources and the special expertise of a global organisation.

Owner-managed companies are our home territory and specialty


An audit creates added value

It highlights and reduces risks in your business. In our collaboration with your company, we benefit from a long experience of auditing of owner-managed companies and organisations.

We perform an independent audit of your company according to ISA standards.

It ensures the quality of the annual report and creates safety for you. It also creates credibility with your stakeholders.

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A thoughtful choice.

Hi! Contact me so I can tell you how accounting helps you develop your company.

Fredrik Thorell

Authorized public Accountant

Our accounting consultants are specialists

Our accounting consultants are specialised in owner-managed companies. We help small and medium-sized companies with everything from current redording, preparing for financial statements, creating annual reports, to filing income tax returns so you can focus on your business.


We work according to REKO standards.

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Current recording

The extent of our work varies from complete responsibility to just support when needed.

The important thing is to ensure a good level of internal accounting control.

We integrate with most business software, either in a traditional way but also a higher level of digitalisation.

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Financial Statements

Once a year, it's time for a financial statement.We promise to be done at the agreed time and that the financial statement is documented and reconciled. 


We finish the year end-process with an pedagogical review.

Declaration and tax questions

Both the company and the owner need to complete tax returns. We help you to prepare and deliver income tax returns to The Swedish Tax Agency.


Our structured work methods results in high quality and security for you. We can also assist with advice and instructions in connection to audits.

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A thoughtful choice

Hello! Contact me and I will tell you how our services help you to make business decisions based on facts.

Charlotte Deurell Åberg

Authorized accounting consultant

A complete payroll management

We are professionals in payroll administration and offer a complete payroll management with staff that are always up to date with laws and regulations. We guarantee efficiency and continuity so it can free up time for you and your staff.


We make sure that:

  • All employees gets the right pay at the right time

  • We offer the best systems in the market for time- and deviation reports

  • Travel bills, expenses, and benefits are handled correctly

  • The Swedish Tax Agency and other authorities gets the reporting required

We help you with:

  • Support and consulting

  • Salary and tax calculations

  • Managing wages, Travel bills, expenses, benefits, etc.

  • Salary payments and salary specification distribution

  • Issuance of employment certificates and other certificates

  • Statistics and reports to The Swedish Tax Agency and other authorities

  • Year-end routines such as statutory reports, system updates, and reconciliation

  • Holiday pay calculations and yearly routines

  • Retroactive calculations of yearly salary increase

  • Analyze tasks for quality assurance of whole or part of the salary management (in cases where you manage the payroll in house)


The cost of payroll management is always fixed per employee and therefore varies for the company when the number of employees either increases or decreases.


A calendar year consists of 13 payroll runs (where year-end routines are included).


Below is a price example on the cost of how a month and a year can look like.


For example 35 employees at 195 SEK

Total cost per month = 6,825 SEK

Total cost per year = 88,725 SEK

Please visit Lö


Madicken Andersson

Payroll consultant

A thoughtful choice

Hi! Contact me and I will tell you how our payroll management simplifies, saves money, and makes it easier for you.

Kontakt: Lön


Our certified accountants and certified accounting consultants help you with changes.

We provide good advice that helps you plan, prioritize, and implement different activities.

Thorell Revision offers a complete service both in company as well as individual taxation.


We gladly work proactively with running analysis of the companies opportunities and risks within the tax areas. Tax rules are constantly changing and we’ll always stay up to date to be able to make the analysis for you.

We have a long experience within the area and a big network of specialists available at the ready.

  • Business plans

  • Business agreements

  • Shareholder Agreements

  • Share Transfer Agreements

  • Tax Effects on Acquisitions and Sales of Companies

  • Company Formation and registration

  • Budget work

  • Controller Support for CFO and CEO

  • Income tax returns for Companies as well as their owners

  • Due diligence

  • New capital issues

  • Property Taxation

  • Financing and Cash Flows

  • Mergers and Splits

  • Company and Ownership structures

  • Company Acquisitions, mergers and Divestments

  • Company appraisals

  • Negotiation Support

  • Generation change (within family businesses)

  • Incentive Programs

  • International Issues

  • Transfer Pricing Issues

  • Competition Analysis

  • Bankruptcy Investigations

  • Liquidations

  • Profitability Analysis

  • VAT

  • Business transformations

  • Organizational Issues

  • Partner Agreements

  • Planning for future sales

  • Profit & loss as well as liquidity Forecasts

  • Structure of the work board

  • Procurement support

  • Tax processes

  • Tax planning

Human Resource

Är ni intresserade av att attrahera, inspirera och behålla rätt personer inom företaget? Då är vi rätt match för er. 


Vi stöttar med hållbart HR arbete samt bidrar till tillväxt och lönsamhet, allt utifrån ert behov. Med professionalitet och engagemang erbjuder vi en HR-resa utöver det traditionella.


Corporate department

Our corporate department helps you with all the corporate matters. We make sure that necessary documents are in order and that the matter is registered at the Swedish Companies Registration Office.


Fast, effective, correct and affordable.

Konakt: Bolagsavdelning

A thoughtful choice

Hi! Contact me when you’re in need to buy a stock company or shut down an existing one. Our effective processes make sure that your company is set up within 8 hours after the order is made. That’s what we call fast deliveries!

Anette Engman

CEO Coordinator

Start a company

We offer newly registered off the shelf-companies established with 25,000 Swedish Crowns in registred share capital. Order your company by filling in your information in this step-by-step guide.


All documents will be sent to you within 8 hours.

Change company

Our Corporate department helps you with the formalities and documentation required for the company. It might include, firm, address, domicile, board of directors, accountant, financial year or articles of association.

Liquidation of company

As we said, we are with you all the way. Even the day you decide to shut down your business.


Together we make an analysis of the best alternatives in that particular case and assists thereafter with an effective and fast the shut down of the operation.

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