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29 september 2023

Thorell Revision är nu en del av Azets

Azets, en av Nordens ledande leverantörer av ekonomi- och lönetjänster, har förvärvat Thorell Revision.

Thorell Revision byter namn till Azets, men personal, kontor och tjänster är desamma. Undantag är tjänsterna för revision som inte är en del av förvärvet. Dessa kommer tillhandahållas av Baker Tilly Norrköping.


Helena Malmström

0709-79 61 01

Patrik Fjärstedt

0708-36 48 95


A thoughtful choice

Thorell Revision is an accounting firm that’s a little out of the ordinary. Owner-managed companies are our home territory and specialty.

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Here you can reach our most visited pages. Fast and easy. Exactly like it should be.

We believe in a close relationship with out clients

Long-term collaboration through trust requires that we exceed expectations. Our goal is to deliver high quality services on time.  

We believe that’s exactly what you want out of a collaboration with your accountant and advisor.


The local sports life is close to our hearts

Owner-managed companies are our home territory and specialty.

We are large enough to offer you all the knowledge you require. But at the same time, small enough so we can be both quick, easily accessible, and really give you the personalized service and commitment we are known for.

We are a member firm of Baker Tilly Sweden and therefore connect our local presence with resources in the worldwide network, Baker Tilly International.

An audit creates added value

It highlights and reduces risks in your business. In our collaboration with your company, we benefit from a long experience of auditing of owner-managed companies and organisations.



We perform an independent audit of your company according to ISA standards.

Our work methods are quality guaranteed

We help small and medium-sized companies with everything from current recording, preparing for financial statements, creating annual reports, to filing income tax returns so you can focus on your business

We work according to REKO standards.

We ensure good internal control

The extent of our work varies from complete responsibility to just support when needed. The important thing is to collaborate to ensure a good level of internal control.


We integrate with most business software, either in a traditional way but also a higher level of digitalisation.


A thoughtful choice.

Hi! Contact me so I can tell you how accounting helps you develop your company.

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